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Channelled words

Earthed - Grounding words of maternal wisdom for grown-up daughters

To be ‘Earthed’, is to be grounded, energetically calm, to have a sense of unquestionable emotional support and physical safety. Our mothers are our first sense of being ‘earthed’. When little girls are held by their mothers, tension is released, safety and protection is available, hurts and worries dissipate and emotions are regulated.  When those daughters grow into women, access to that same emotional nourishment from their mothers, isn’t always available. It’s complicated.  This book was written to be that nourishment. Written by a mother to her two daughters, ‘Earthed’ is the latest collection of empowering poetry for women, written by best-selling author Lynette Allen.


The trilogy: A Woman's Blessing, HELD & Sacred are for Sister Circles, Women's Groups, Red Tent circles

These beautiful downloads are short verses of healing, strength, heart break and the rebuilding of the feminine.  These books are being taken into sacred ceremonial space by Medicine Woman, Cacaoistas, Red Tent holders and plant medicine facilitators.  They are being used to soothe hearts, to open ceremonies, to facilitate conversations that would otherwise never have been had.  These words are intimate, heart-felt, channelled by Lynette through numerous early morning cacao meditations, their flow to guide and heal the feminine, letting her know: she is not alone, she is a blessing and she is held.


The Women who Gathered

Curated & edited by Lynette, this book is the journey of 34 women through ritual - some had never experienced ceremonial cacao before, some had never meditated or honoured themselves - but they all took part in the Gather the Women 22 day sister circle programme and their lives changed.  This book tells the stories of who these women thought they were before and how they now see themselves, as women who deserve to be honoured, to be treated as sacred, to be loved and to be held - in sister circle.


A Woman's Voice is a Revolution

Lynette invited 50 women over 50 to write a book with her to celebrate her own 50th birthday in 2023 - this is a culmination of htier advice and wisdom - it's extremely beautiful and raw - written by women who have lived!


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