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Lynette is the proud Patron of Bali Street Mums

Since September 2020, Lynette has been donating 75% of takings from her Cacao Ceremonies at Cosmos Oasis here in Bali to Bali Street Mums.

She has always wanted to be involved in a charity that cared for women and children, but she wanted to know exactly where the money went.  When she met Kim the founder at the Safehouse in November, they clicked instantly.

Actually that day was overwhelming to say the least.  Kim showed her around the safehouse, where the kids play and sleep and where they have their lessons and she was introduced to all the children there.

They sang their balinese prayers for her, they wanted to have their photos taken with her, they spoke a little english to her and some were so so shy and Kim told her about their stories.  All of these kids have been trafficked, sold, rented out, not been fed properly, been forced to work long hours in the very hot sun.  They have had terrible starts in life.

After their meeting it was time for Kim to take some of the children back to their parents in the slums around the rubbish dump in the city - she took Lynette with her.


As she walked around with Kim, she saw where the children lived, she met their parents, she saw how they were making glass bottles from the empties on the rubbish dump and she saw the size of the bags they have to fill each day with recycling - those bags are taller than she is and for each bag filled with recycling, they get approximately £1 per bag.  It really gave her a lot to think about.


When Lynette got home it took a while to integrate what she'd seen and how she could help more.  The normal life she and her family have in Bali is such a far cry from the life those families have at the rubbish dump.

Her first initiative after speaking to Kim was to organise donations of mobile phones from the UK to Bali.  Kim gives mobile phones to the children, makes sure they are charged and topped up when they're at the safehouse and she puts trackers on them.  This means that if the kids go missing (and they often do, they get rented out to street bosses), Kim can track them down and go and pick them up.

Since then, Lynette continues to send 75% of the money from her balinese Cacao ceremonies to Kim and now she's running them online also.

Lynette became the Patron of Bali Street Mums in July, so she can do more for the foundation in terms of raising awareness, speaking about the situation here, getting sponsorship for the children and organising beautiful experiences for them.

If you'd like to make a donation to Bali Street Mums you can use the link below or if you'd like to talk to Lynette to organise how you can make a bigger different by sponsoring a child, it's a monthly payment of 50 USD and Kim will send you regular updates and photos on their progress, life and learning.  

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