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she is...

a mother of two daughters (aged 11 and 29), a grandmother to two (Rhoda aged 10 and Mac aged 6), a wife to Mark, a space holder for the feminine and a sacred Spellcaster.   


The tools she teaches are the same ones she uses everyday herself:  the beautiful heart opening medicine of cacao, she is founder of Gather the Women sister circles, she holds retreats and works in ritual and meditation.


She's a drummer, a writer, a best selling author (11 times) and a talented editor/collaborator of books.  She's a gemini communicator with divine attention to growth, finding internal balance and inner guidance.



she wore high heels and suits, running programmes to help women be recognised in male dominated environments.  Coaching hundreds of business leaders, she invited freedom of speech, bringing female voices through and their incredible presence with it.


She has graced the stages of many European & London conferences, been on hundreds of radio shows, podcasts and in more magazines than she can count, all to help the feminine to rise.


she understood the real meaning of 'Sacred Womanhood', the girls we used to be, the women we are now and the women we are yet to become.

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She understood the essence of emotional stability: finding her own ground in ritual, breathwork, ceremony, cacao, writing, journalling and meditation.

She left the corporate world to walk the earth barefoot, sitting on the ground with sisters, drumming, chanting and calling in her spirits and guides.

Lynette is very pragmatic and down-to-earth, she LOVES the women she works with, they often become part of her inner circle and angels and they go on to become incredible space holders and medicine women themselves.

At her core, she is a teacher, in genuine and unconditional full support of her students and sisters as they rise.

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