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Medicine Woman

For 20 years Lynette has been grounding and inspiring female business leaders and women in the corporate world; running female empowerment workshops, courses and retreats. 


A published author, presenter and broadcaster; her work took all over Europe and the UK speaking about equality and the rise of the feminine.

In 2016 through her husband's journey, she unwittingly found herself on a 2 year personal transformation quest as she was immersed into the world of Ayahuasca, the Amazonian Plant Medicine.  Working closely with Shaman Pitt, who quickly became her mentor and guide as she bloomed from incapable novice into competent spirit helper, singing & drumming her way through ceremony assisting others on their healing journey. 

She took almost 2 years to deconstruct and reconstruct everything she knew about the feminine and how to support women to ground and balance themselves, finding their own unique goddess within.

Through her work with Ayahuasca, she and her husband saw over 2,000 people through personal transformative journeys.  

Lynette holds sacred space for women's circles, holds Cacao ceremonies at the prestigious Pyramids of Chi, Ubud, Bali and runs retreats for women to dig deep into who they really are, supporting them through her Shamanic healing work and plant medicine - Cacao ceremonies.


Her 5th book, "A Woman's Blessing - Nourishment for the Rise of the Feminine" has been channelled through her this year and is due for publication this Autumn.

She is also a Coach, she channels information from source for her clients and guests and has a deep connection to her ground and her source through her personal Meditation and Cacao practice.

She works with Cacao, Meditation & Ritual to help her guests balance their lives and emotions.

She holds private 1:1 sessions for women worldwide to deepen their quest to find their truest and most unique essence - the goddess within.

Lynette currently lives in Bali with her husband Mark and her youngest daughter Livvie, a Shamamasita in the making. She is also mum to one of the most beautiful spirits she knows, Rosi and she is grandmother to Rhoda and Mac.