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22 days of ritual, ceremony, cacao & women who get you

A sacred invitation to be part of small, confidential sister circles.


They happen on-line (with women from around the world)

and also in person, in UK, Europe, Bali & Australia.


Gather the Women sister circles are 22 days long comprising;

  • 4 x weekly ceremonies, including an opening ceremony on Day 1 and a beautiful closing ceremony on Day 22

  • Talking circles, journalling, meditations, cacao ceremony & rituals

  • 18 morning rituals sent to you (approximately 20 minutes required)

  • a FREE copy of either 'HELD' or 'Sacred' by Lynette Allen

  • Group support on-line​​

  • & opportunity to continue your sister circle after

Think lighting candles in honour of yourself, sacred playlists, a confidential space to speak your truth with women who absolutely GET you.

These are deeply personal journeys and in them, you will be witnessed in your grounded growth, your sacred healing and your birth-right to thrive by other women, in complete confidence - a trust bond between you all, a safe space for you to speak your truth.

No-one outside of these circles will ever hear what you say - that gives you freedom you may have never tasted before.

Hundreds of women have been part of these circles now, originally created by Lynette Allen in 2020, they are now facilitated by her and trained facilitators in UK, Europe, Bali and Australia.

There are 2 sister circle immersions to choose from 'her 3 aspects' and 'her words are medicine'

~ her 3 aspects


Gathering ALL of the women you are...

the girls we used to be

the women we are now

& the women we are yet to become

An opportunity to form a trusting relationship with these aspects;

  • this is a gift to the younger you, the little girl/teen you were

  • it’s an honouring of the woman you are now - how far you’ve come, what you achieved, what you struggled with, what you’ve grown through, what you’ve gained and lost

  • and an invitation to the woman you are yet to become, to show herself, so you may get to know her deeply, as a guide, as a friend and a mentor, a change maker and a path finder - she is your higher priestess


Each year, we walk into these new phases of our lives blindly which means;

  • we continue to walk with our hurts, past pain and wounds

  • we don't truly see or step into the incredible power we have

  • we easily lose ourselves in being 'busy' and being a support to others

This programme is designed to give meaning to your past, to make peace with it if you need to, appreciate and honour the woman you are now and to create, form and hold dear the woman you are yet to become - over 22 days with a close-knit confidential sisterhood to support you.


Daily Rituals include


Sacred and thought-provoking 20 minute reflections or activities to do each day - sent to you in the private group, including things like;

  • Making an offering to your younger self

  • Giving her something she didn’t have as a child

  • Gifting her clear passage to move forwards to peace, self trust and the woman she is yet to become

  • You might paint/draw/journal (only for your eyes!) 

  • Drinking cacao listening to guided meditations

  • Giving offerings to the earth 

  • You’ll light candles, write letters that will never be sent

~ her words are medicine


The most powerful statements on earth’, she said,

‘Start with ‘I…’.

They are intentions.

They are spells.

They are bound by universal law.


This 22 days will see you choosing a beautiful journal and filling it full of words, doodles, pictures, cut outs, poetry and phrases that soothe your heart.  

You'll be called to

  • release what you've been carrying

  • reclaim and revel in your sacred wonder

  • & reveal your next chapter, by letting your pen do the talking for you - you will reveal insights you never knew were in your mind


When we develop a practice of closing our eyes and writing, we channel sacred words for no-one else to read...they're our personal thoughts released onto paper and the feelings only we know given free passage to unchain all our hurts.

Completely confidential, you don't have to reveal ANYTHING in your journal to the group but should you choose to speak those words in the safety of this small group, your words will be met with total respect.  

'Her words are medicine' is perfect for:

  • those who want a meaningful morning practice

  • those who love sister circles and the beauty they bring

  • aspiring writers

  • those with anxiety or depression

  • women who have never written, ceremonies will include different journalling techniques and ways to access your inner wisdom

Daily rituals include


Beautiful 20 minute journalling will be sent the start of a sentence to help you access your wisdom, intuition, guidance and inner healing, you'll be encouraged to;

  • journal with words, doodles, phrases or pictures

  • light candles and drink ceremonial cacao or tea to find your flow

  • use your breath to guide your words

  • take inspiration from the book 'Sacred' before you write

  • write from your heart and hear what you cannot usually hear

Places are £250
(or the equivalent in different currencies)

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