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...a happy accident! few months back Lynette asked her housekeeper Kadek for .5kg sage from the market.


Kadek messaged back 'Are you sure?'.  Lynette thought about it for a moment, wondering what half a kilo of sage would actually look like...but she decided yes...half a kilo was good, so she messaged 'Sure!'.


The next day, in Kadek walked with FIVE kilos sage! It turns out she hadn't seen the point of the point (.)!


So...there they are, Lynette bent over laughing at SO much sage in the house and Kadek almost on the floor with embarrassment that she had spent almost her ENTIRE monthly wage on sage - when all Lynette had actually wanted was half a kilo.


Lynette's husband came to the rescue and reassured Kadek, 'Don't worry! We're going to teach how to make sage bundles and then you can sell them!'

And so...Kadek and her husband, plus her elderly parents in her home starting making sage bundles in the evenings.  

To put this in context, Kadeks monthly salary due to the loss of tourists here has gone down to around £50 per month.  And even WITH the difference in the cost of living here - that still isn't enough to feed a family of 6 on.

So for the past year Kadek and her family have been in difficulty.  Since their happy sage accident, Kadek is now paying for her children's school fees (they're not privately educated - every family has to pay here for their childresn education).  She is able to pay off a loan that was worrying her and she keeps them much better stocked up with vegetables and essentials as a result, plus she is sending money to her mum who lives a long way away.  Bali Sage is making a huge and positive impact on Kadek and her family and we are thrilled that you have found this page and read her story.

To continue supporting Kadek, you can join The Bali Sage Club on WhatsApp!


Simply join The Bali Sage Club on WhatsApp by clicking from your phone here.


That's where she updates people on her next fresh batch of sage bundles!


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