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Sallie Warman-Watts photographed by Belinda Grant Photography

On New Years Eve 2022, I invited 50 women, aged 50 and over, to write a book with me...within 10 days I had my 50 and now we are in the middle of this very special book (publication due July/August 2023).  


This year sees me celebrate my own personal 'coming of age' as I reach my 50th birthday, so 50 women are writing about their experiences of life, sharing their wisdom and unique voices.  The proceeds are going to support 50 women and girls who have been rescued from the streets of Bali with The Bali Street Mums Project.


Sacred eldership is a practice where the elders of the community in some cultures are treasured.  Elders are seen as wise seers who understand life and its complexities.  In some cultures, there are groups of women over the age of 50, who gather and talk, to share and use their voice for the benefit of their communities - you’re not allowed to join before you have ‘come of age’!


This book is our version of that where we're each writing 8 life lessons...this book will  be full of wisdom, nourishing words and impactful voices.

Why women over 50?


We've LIVED!  We've had life throw itself at us and after we've tumbled, we've re-arranged ourselves, our lives and stood right back up.  We're flexible, sacred and astute as we weave our way through this beautiful path of life.  We've fallen deeply in love, we've taken risks…some paid off...some didn't and we spun those lessons into the gold-edged stepping stones we walked on next.


We’ve laughed, we've felt EVERYTHING…we've asked, prayed, seen into the future and held the hearts of those around us.

We've walked boldly into rooms where nobody knew us and we've sat at tables with our elbows firmly on them, voicing our unquestionable opinion.


Over the age of 50, we’ve seen marriage, divorce, death and birth, wealth and poverty, vibrancy and illness.  We’ve raised (or are still raising) families, businesses, initiatives and eyebrows.  We’ve lost the need for approval and have gained a confidence that continues to grow each year.


Our voices over these years have shaken, been quietened and threatened and yet, we STILL have something to say.


‘A woman’s voice IS a revolution’ and around the world, women's voices are still lost and hidden.  We have an opportunity with this book to raise the voice of the feminine, to speak of our passions, to honestly put into words what we’ve learned and what we REALLY think: uncensored!

Maya Angelou once said ‘Still I rise’, she did and so did we.  

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Sallie Warman-Watts photographed by Belinda Grant Photography

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