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Sallie Warman-Watts photographed by Belinda Grant Photography

I’m inviting…50 women, aged 50 and over, to write a book with me in 2023 (publication due August 2023).  We start writing in March.


I am writing a very special book this year, the year of my own 50th birthday, to celebrate my own ‘coming of age’ and the wisdom and unique voice of every woman once she reaches a ‘certain age’.


Sacred eldership is a practice where the elders of the community in some cultures are treasured.  Elders are seen as wise seers who understand life and its complexities.  In some cultures, there are groups of women over the age of 50, who gather and talk, to share and use their voice for the benefit of their communities - you’re not allowed to join before you have ‘come of age’!


This book is a version of that where we'll support you in writing a chapter of between 10 - 20 life lessons you’ve learned so far… your wisdom, your nourishing words and your impactful voice are needed in the world.

Why women over 50?


You’ve LIVED!  You’ve had life throw itself at you and after it’s tumbled you over, you’ve re-arranged your hair and stood right back up.  You’ve fallen deeply in love, you’ve taken risks…some paid off!  Those that didn't, had you turning them into the gold-edged stepping stones you walked on next.


You’ve laughed, you’ve felt EVERYTHING…you’ve asked, prayed, seen into the future and held the hearts of those around you.


You’ve walked boldly into rooms where nobody knew you and you’ve sat at tables with your elbows firmly on them, voicing your unquestionable opinion.


Over the age of 50, you’ve seen marriage, divorce, death and birth, wealth and poverty, vibrancy and illness.  You’ve raised (or are still raising) families, businesses, initiatives and eyebrows.  You’ve lost the need for approval and have gained a confidence that continues to grow each year.




Your voice over these years has shaken, it has been quietened, it has been threatened, ssshhhh’d and STILL you have something to say.


‘A woman’s voice IS a revolution’ and around the world, women's voices have been lost and hidden.  We have an opportunity with this book to raise the voice of the feminine, to speak of our passions, to honestly put into words what we’ve learned and what we REALLY think: uncensored!

Maya Angelou once said ‘Still I rise’, she did and so did we.  


I, like you, have been fortunate enough to live in a country where I am allowed an opinion, I’m allowed to voice my thoughts, to sing out loud from my heart and to be educated to understand the power of my language and feelings.


My own personal calling in this life has been to raise the vibration of the feminine and help her reclaim her voice and her words…I’ve done this my entire adult life through coaching, workshops, plant medicine, ceremonies, rituals, meditation and of course, writing…my own two daughters have been taught to find the words they need from the depths of their hearts and to say them, even if their voice shakes while they do.


Now as I reach my 50th birthday, help me make an impact on women all over the world, by standing next to me and writing this beautiful book.

Royalties to Bali Street Mums


We will be putting forward the names of 50 girls and women to personally share the book royalties.

As you know, I work with BaliStreetMums, a small and unique charity in Bali run by Kim.  This is a completely transparent charity where Kim details who the money goes to and what it’s spent on.  Unlike other charities, BaliStreetMums is unique because Kim knows each woman and child, she knows and understands their personal needs.  The money will be spent on things like medical care, schooling, books and education - all to help those women find THEIR voices.




£350 per person

(payment plans available)




We start writing in March, Zoom calls dates are:


Friday 10th

Friday 17th

Friday 24th

Friday 31st March     all at 10am UK time

(while it will be beneficial to be at all the Zoom's, they will be recorded)

You will be needed briefly between April/May for edits of your chapter

Blessing Ceremony & photoshoot in UK (if we gather our 50 women) - June (date tbc)

Professional typesetting, layout & proofreading of book - July (authors not needed for this, only Lynette)


Estimated publication August 23

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Sallie Warman-Watts photographed by Belinda Grant Photography

This book will be…


…more than the words of wise women, it will be a force, a revolution in itself, a reclamation of the feminine and her voice.  It’s your opportunity to take the public airtime and actual paper coverage you may never have had...until now.


This book will be your platform to be heard as a woman who knows herself and has something to say.


No previous writing experience is necessary - you will be FULLY supported to do this!

Your voice is a gift, it can reassure, liberate, push boundaries and dare others to find their own voice.


I want to hear your voice, other women in the world NEED your comforting voice and words.


You will be guided and nurtured in this process…you will


  • be guided to write your own chapter, a collection of the most important things you have learned in this life so far 

  • be invited to join 4 (weekly) on-line zoom calls to help you craft your chapter.  All calls will be recorded, so while it will be valuable to be online with everyone, it is not necessary

  • receive helpful journaling prompts to support clarity of your thoughts and help you access your depth and wisdom, 1:1 help with me will be on hand if you need it

  • have your chapter professionally edited 

  • have your photograph appear in the book with your chapter (along with any social media channels you would like promoted and a short profile about you, to include your business details if you have any to promote)

  • have a child or woman of poverty in Bali dedicated to you, in your honour.  BaliStreetMums, the charity of which I am Patron, will equally split the royalties between 50 chosen women and little girls to help them find their own voices and you will hear how she is benefitting from your chapter.

  • be part of a dedicated small support group where you feel free to speak, ask for advice or support, invite shares and befriend your fellow authors - women you may never have otherwise met before will become a support to YOU


AND…once we get our 50 women, you will each be invited to a very special Blessing Ceremony & photoshoot held in UK, in June 2023 to celebrate your words, your wisdom and your voice - with me, Lynette and several of the elders I respect and have worked with.

I'd love you to say yes - this book means a great deal to me and it will become a bible for other women and girls to hold when they have nowhere else to turn.

You can talk to me if you have any questions...I'm WhatsApp number is below....just message email me to join!

I look forward to birthing this beautiful book with you all

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