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Write a chapter in our new book;
'Gathering Women - the Medicine Keepers & Spellcasters: A guide to Women's Circles'

Due out March 25, I'm looking for 40 spaceholders/facilitators of Women's Circles to write our next book

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Spaceholders for Sister Circles, Women's Circles and Red Tents...

As space holders for women, we all know the power and beauty of a well-held, confidential and safe space for women.

We love that space, if you're a space holder for women, you'll understand what it takes to create a space for the magic to occur - this is your opportunity to put that into words.

Share your story of Women's Circles...why you sought them out and how you came to run your own sacred spaces.

You'll share your personal story and write about your own events, to make the most beautiful handbook and inspire other women to join Women's Circles.

Together, we'll create a deeper understanding of these spaces, why they're needed and encourage more women to sit in empowering and healing gatherings.

We start this Autumn and will aim to publish in March 2025 on Global Sisterhood Day!

The book


This book will serve two purposes:

1. It will encourage women to circle.  By sharing our personal stories of why 'we' came to circle and what it did for each of us personally, we'll ignite other women's curiosity.  They'll see themselves in you and jog their own ancient memory of when women sought solace in each other. We want more women to come to Women's Circles around the world.

2. It will also serve as a handbook. If you hold Sister Circle/Women's Trainings, you can write about your teaching programmes, put your web details/IG details in AND share one of your favourite rituals, prayers, incantations or activities, so it becomes a bedside handbook!

...and by the way, it will look ABSOLUTELY beautiful!

Why write this book?

There are women in the world who feel alone and unsupported, in need of being heard properly and without judgement...we hold that space, yet so many women don't even know it exists. If they do, many assume it's not for them, barriers to entry can be nerves, shyness, assumptions about what we actually do in ceremony - together, we'll talk about those topics and shed light on what really happens and how supported they will be.

You'll get the opportunity to talk about what happens in your circles, the rites of passage you hold women through and the approval, support and protection they will gain from being held in your space!

For the uninitiated, this is a peek into the the world of ceremony, we all run them differently but they are all a reunion of the Self. 


We are the mothers and priestesses of ritual, the gatekeepers for these sacred gatherings and our colleagues, sisters, aunties, daughters and nieces could be sat right there with us too. 

THIS is a calling back of women to ceremony.


Who can apply to write?

It's for space holders who work with women in Sister Circle, Women's Circles or Red Tents - it's an opportunity for those of us who work with ritual and ceremony personally and professionally, to teach, be seen and invite.

How it works

My book collaborations all work the same way.


For each collab, I put together an author programme specifically for that book - we all meet on Zoom 4 times, once a week for around 90 minutes to share the details and concept of the book, what we're learning/writing and collaborate about what should be in our chapters.

I hold our main communication in small WhatsApp groups (5 or so women in each), to avoid too much overwhelming chatter and so that questions can be asked, support can be invited and authors can share how they're doing.

What's in it for you?

You get to be heard.


Your business gets to be seen in a very professional way.


You get to become an author...many of our first time authors have gone on to write books of their own.

You'll see the inside process, I'm a multi Amazon Best-Seller myself and this will be my 17th book, so you're in good hands.


Writing on your own is a lonely task, joining a book collaboration means you do it with a team, it's fun, enjoyable, achievable and faster.

You get to be a published author by contributing just ONE chapter.

No writing experience is necessary - at all

If you've written with me before that's great, if you're already an author in your own right, that's also great - come!  But if you've never written anything formally before or anything more than your instagram, please come - you will be fully supported and receive editing and help to make sure your chapter says what you want it to.

Author programme dates for this book are;

Wednesdays 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th October 2024, 10am - 11.30am, UK time   

Many of our authors are in other countries, so match your time zone to UK and we record all sessions, so if it's the middle of the night where you are, you can still attend and work with me personally for your chapter.

The programme will be on-line, we'll use Zoom.

Your chapter will be divided up into bite-sized sections.  Each week, you will submit one bite-sized section and will work with me to edit and ensure the book flows and your story is exactly as you want it.

Your chapter will include 1) your personal story of Women's Circle 2) your professional story of creating your own circles plus 3) a ritual, prayer, exercise or schedule you want to include.


1st session; Our opening ceremony - with ritual and sister circle invocations, we'll commence our beautiful project. You'll hear the outline of the book, how it will work, our collective aim and receive your first first bite-sized section outline, we'll have a Q&A too

2nd session; Our 2nd bite-sized section will be discussed with Q&A and sharing circle

3rd session; Our 3rd bite-sized section will be discussed with Q&A and sharing circle

4th session; A cacao ceremony (you can bring tea of course too!) - we'll do a ritual and you'll get details of next steps.

WhatsApp Image 2023-10-24 at 08.52.42.jpeg

Your time commitment

You will be needed for the month of October to be present in the ceremony (or to watch the recording if you're out of time zone availability), to be present in the small WhatsApp group and to write your 3 sections.

After that, I'll be in touch with you for minor edits and clarifications for me to do my job, which is pull the entire book together! 

Our release date

We're 'aiming' for Saturday 15th March 2025 which is Global Sisterhood Day always...we're flexible and sending positive intentions into the universe!


Your participation costs £425 (installments available)

This includes everything; the 4 week author programme, the support and mentoring, it also includes layout and design costs plus behind-the-scenes stages such as professional proof-reading, editing, type setting, cover design and production plus the general look and feel of the book - it will be beautiful to hold and gift to your clients.

Who gets the royalties?

As with all of my book collabs, all proceeds go to the charity I support, Bali Street Mums which does incredible work housing, educating and providing medical care for women and children on the streets of Bali.

You are fully supported

Whether you already have experience of publishing/writing or you're brand new, I will fully support you in this process.  You'll have direct access to me on WhatsApp, we can organise 1:1 chats and we'll be in contact closely when it comes to the edits for your chapter, we'll work together to get it just right and when the time comes for us to decide your chapter is finished, you'll sign your chapter off to give me permission to put it in the book- nothing will be published without your written agreement.

How and where are the books published?

The books are all self published through Amazon.  It means they're on sale all around the world and are very easy to access and find on the net.

The 'launch' and the publicity

With so many authors on the writing team, we all become the publicity!  Each author gets personalised material to send out to promote the big launch date, everyone is encouraged to talk on social media about their chapter, to post about the book, talk about it and invite people to the launch party - usually we have a Zoom launch party where we interview the authors etc - it's a VERY exciting time!



Apply by clicking on the APPLY NOW link and tell me about your sister circles, what you do and why they're important to you!

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