Sacred Woman Awakening Retreat

20-25 March 2020

Awaken the goddess within...she is ready...

"When a woman awakens the goddess within - she returns to her natural state of purpose and alignment.


She elevates, grows, deepens her connection with her inner self and truly FEELS what it is like to unearth her deepest power.  She is home."


Medicine Woman



A Woman's Blessing

Sacred Woman Awakening Retreat


Discover your power. Discover your uniqueness.  Discover who is on the other side of your deepest wounds.  Heal in an intimate setting of goddesses, women from around the world who will come together to awaken their most unique gifts.

Your gifts are stored deep within you, layers of conditioning and guilt are clouding who she really is.  Years of comparison, programming about how your life 'should' look, secret tears, missed dreams and so many times when others came first.

The feminine is changing, women are rising - questioning what we have been taught, wondering who is really beneath.

She is now searching for something different - to find the stars she is made from, the connect with her earth, her soul purpose, to find her wings, to breathe pure oxygen so she may fly high.

The retreat is for the woman who knows there is more for her.

Are you in?



STEP 1: Schedule your interview with Lynette​

STEP 2: Ascertain whether this is the right retreat for you

STEP 3: Reserve your place, organise payment & receive confirmation



  • An opening ceremony

  • Smudging & cleansing ceremonies

  • Daily cacao ceremonies

  • Sharing circles

  • Deep Meditation

  • Sound Healing

  • Ancestral blessing

  • A Children's blessing ceremony

  • A letting go ritual

  • A manifestation ritual

  • Womb blessing

  • Water purification ceremony

  • How to created deeply profound Cacao ceremonies for yourself

  • How to use Ritual to heal, manifest and celebrate, in order to pass this ancient wisdom to your daughters, nieces, sisters

  • Shamanic Fire ceremony

  • Shamanic breath work session

  • You will receive the rites to A Woman's Blessing and be able to perform this sacred feminine blessing ritual on the women in your life back at home in sister circles/red tent gatherings or your own retreats

  • A Closing ceremony & gift from us

  • Plus.....plenty of free time to integrate, sleep & rest

  • Time to form new friendships with trusted Strength Sisters from around the world to support you post retreat

  • Space to journal


Deep inside of you there is a stillness, a place of peace, where you know everything.

Deep inside you where your timing is perfect, where you trust yourself completely, a place where no-one else can move you.  

Deep inside you there is a place of wholeness, a place where everything is within reach, where you know abundance at an energy level - a place where you are not judged, a place where you know yourself so completely, a place which is whole and complete.

Breathe.  Breathe deeply right now.  Find that place.

She is there, focus inwards, let the noise fade out and you will tune into the frequency that heals, that restores every cell in your body, that returns you to balance and you have access to that at any time.

This is the goddess within you.

Every woman has her goddess deep within her, a place of serenity where there is no competition, no comparison, no lack and no fear.

To find her, means you align yourself with your truest most greatest gift - personal power on a brand new level.

Inner peace is always there.

Stand still so the peace can find you.

THIS is your opportunity to stand still.

This is your chance to seek your connection, your soul purpose and shed the veil of 'not enough', shame, guilt and worry.

She is your inner guidance, she loves you completely, she is always whispering to you.  Now is the time to tune into her - hear her messages, and trust that she will lead you to your greatest gift.


Held in sacred space, by Medicine Woman Lynette Allen - taken on deep meditations with Cacao, Sound Healing, Shamanic journeys where you can meet your goddess, you will be held, supported and guided every step.


All the accommodation here is beautiful.  Each room has crisp white cotton sheets and is exceptionally clean and luxurious.  The bathrooms are exquisite and unique.  We chose this venue because of its privacy and calm energy for this intimate sister circle work.


£1050 is the price.  This includes, food, accommodation, all rituals and ceremonies.

All rooms are private double rooms


You can pay in full today OR you can reserve your place by paying a £500 non-refundable deposit.

It is also possible to pay monthly November 2019 - March 2020 - please ask.

All monies must be paid prior to the event.


  • 3 mouth watering & imaginative vegan meals per day from our exquisite and talented young Chef - Damar

  • Accommodation at the retreat (checking in 2pm on 20th March 2020 -  checking out 12 midday on 25th March 2020)

  • Luxury accommodation with swimming pool, plenty of privacy to sit, contemplate and rest

  • All activities within the retreat


  • Flights to and from Denpasar International Airport, Bali

  • Airport transfers (although we can help you arrange these)

  • Accommodation before or after the retreat

  • International bank transfer costs (You can book via credit card, BACS transfer from UK account to UK account or TransferWise from overseas accounts which have extremely low fees)


Bring your favourite bikini, it is stunning weather in March - tropical climate with cool evening rains.  Expect to return home with a tan and looking totally refreshed.


A good tip would be to arrive a day or two before the retreat start date to rest and acclimatise to the time zone before joining us.  Nearer the time, when you've booked, we'll be in touch with you about organising transportation from your hotel to our retreat centre.  

Head to Ubud centre, as our private villa is 10 minutes away from there. There are many beautiful little places to stay and rest before the retreat and SO many amazing sights to take in.


Medicine Woman

For 20 years Lynette has been grounding and inspiring female business leaders and women in the corporate world; running female empowerment workshops, courses and retreats. 


A published author, presenter and broadcaster; her work took all over Europe and the UK speaking about equality and the rise of the feminine.

In 2016 through her husband's journey, she unwittingly found herself on a 2 year personal transformation quest as she was immersed into the world of Ayahuasca, the Amazonian Plant Medicine.  Working closely with Shaman Pitt, who quickly became her mentor and guide as she bloomed from incapable novice into competent spirit helper, singing & drumming her way through ceremony assisting others on their healing journey. 

She took almost 2 years to deconstruct and reconstruct everything she knew about the feminine and how to support women to ground and balance themselves, finding their own unique goddess within.

Through her work with Ayahuasca, she and her husband saw over 2,000 people through personal transformative journeys.  

Lynette holds sacred space for women's circles, holds Cacao ceremonies at the prestigious Pyramids of Chi, Ubud, Bali and runs retreats for women to dig deep into who they really are, supporting them through her Shamanic healing work and plant medicine - Cacao ceremonies.


Her 5th book, "A Woman's Blessing - Nourishment for the Rise of the Feminine" has been channelled through her this year and is due for publication this Autumn.

She is also a Coach, she channels information from source for her clients and guests and has a deep connection to her ground and her source through her personal Meditation and Cacao practice.

She works with Cacao, Meditation & Ritual to help her guests balance their lives and emotions.

She holds private 1:1 sessions for women worldwide to deepen their quest to find their truest and most unique essence - the goddess within.

Lynette currently lives in Bali with her husband Mark and her youngest daughter Livvie, a Shamamasita in the making. She is also mum to one of the most beautiful spirits she knows, Rosi and she is grandmother to Rhoda and Mac.

"This has been a life changing experience for me, one that will stay with me forever.

The amazing atmosphere, a Balinese Bungalow where sleeping in white linen relaxes you, swimming in a pool surrounded by jungle, sharing the sacred temple with the Divine Feminine.


Living with women whose journey matches your own. But more than this, the trust in Lynette to hold you in this sacred space with love whilst you discover who you are and so much more.



Thank you beyond words A'ho"

Sallie Warman-Watts



Murphy's story started in rural New Zealand and her adventures have lead her all around the world as a Photographer, as a Stewardess on some of the most elite yachts in Europe and as Manager of some beautiful fine dining restaurants in Australia.

In her early twenties she studied Massage Therapy in Auckland. As a child she learnt basic massage principles from her Grandmother and developed 'sight' in her fingers at quite a young age. 

A move to Australia in 2005 saw her base herself for ten years running her own business, often taking to the road to explore the countryside in the form of long solo road trips through the desert, up and down various stretches of coast, in and out of National Parks, waterfall hunting and swapping native Maori folk legends with Aboriginal elders. 

She left Australia for Palma de Mallorca where her yachting career officially began, a move that would have her based in Palma for the next few years while she worked all over Europe, America, the Middle East and around the Indian Ocean. 

It was in Australia that she started planning a trip to Peru to sit with Ayahuasca, yet Mallorca where her journey with the Mother of all Plants would begin. 

She arrived at a little finca in Mallorca and sat in ceremony for two nights. She returned to sit many times after that first night and found she was slowly becoming a part of a very unique and beautiful family and soul sister to Lynette.


Her experiences with the family and with Ayahuasca changed her and helped her grow into a better version of herself.

Following a particularly heavy yacht season, she was offered a role at the Ayahuasca Retreat as Chef - a role which saw her develop a deeper understanding of raw, vegan and vegetarian dishes - which she absolutely loved. Food is a great source of happiness for her and cooking for people has always been an extension of love, this role was no different. If anything it ingrained her love of cooking for people even more. 

With Divine timing, Murphy received a call from Lynette. For all of the roles she had covered and all the skills she had acquired throughout her years, she was invited to work alongside Lynette once more, this time in Bali and the sacred plant medicine Cacao.

Driven by this growing desire to see a positive change in the world and returning love and acceptance of femininity in the nurturers, healers, mothers, sisters and friends who walk this earth, she is now Lynette's retreat Angel and travels the world to be part of these unique Women's retreats.


"You hold space with such grace and beauty Lynette, truly standing in your power to offer your gifts. I love the energy you bring, you are beautiful on the inside and out. So much wisdom flowing through you. What a beautiful gift you have to offer to this world".


"I want to thank you for sharing the gifts of your channeling with me during the two sessions we shared.  The words you brought forth were strong, clear and articulate.  Both sessions resonated strongly with what is stirring within me and brought clarification.  THANK YOU for sharing your innate gifts, and being the gifted channel that you are!".


"I feel blessed, honoured, nourished and empowered! Lynette is such powerful woman medicine".


"You are an awesome medicine woman Lynette. Beautiful and soft and powerful, I’ll remember you always, thank you".


"Your ceremony was very touching, powerful, soft and energising. You are full of love Lynette".


"I feel my wild woman after your ceremony! Gratitude, joy and bliss, you are a beautiful goddess Lynette".


"My highlight was the blessing at the end. You have such a gift Lynette. I feel the trust you have in life & the wisdom of your experience, which is super precious for me".


"Tribal. Shamanic. Loving. Gratitude. Inspirational. Empowering. Blessed! Beautiful journey, creative and empowering I loved the close circle, made me teary.  Thank you for honouring my past and my ancestors".


"I felt blessed, grounded and present after the ceremony. A beautiful journey. Your other rituals must be so beautiful".


"I felt good, I loved it! I felt very beautiful and powerful".


"You are pure magic Lynette. I absolutely loved being in your space and witnessing this amazonian magic unfold. You are a gem".


"I feel blessed and grateful. Such a gorgeous dancing ceremony! Many affirmations and sacred silence to appreciate and remember mixed with tribal sisterhood, dance and such lovely music. Such beautiful sacred language and positive vibrations,

Lynette has a very strong and loving presence".


"I loved the sacredness and the blessing, I felt blessed and a sense of belonging, I could feel her energy gentle and caring, holding space beautifully".