The Book

May these words be your truth on a lonely night

May these words confirm your joy when you’re in flow

May these words remind you that your inner wisdom is all you need

May these words bring women together in circle

May these words open your ceremonies, rituals, gatherings, fire dances and moon lit circles

May these words start heartfelt conversations that connect women, nurture us and bring us together in love

May these words sink so deep into your heart that you close your eyes, let tears of gratitude fall down your cheeks and remember your light

May these words lift your head to the stars in celebration of your magnificence

May these words bring you back to you

A book for women's ceremonies, red tent meetings, plant medicine ceremonies, sister circles - to use as inspiration for discussion topics - this book contains opening prayers for sister circles and plant medicines such as Sacred Cacao.

This book can also be a sacred tool for regeneration, healing and inspiration for women - hold the book, feel into which page you need to read and rather like a tarot, you will reveal the words that will touch your heart the most at that moment.

Our Spirit Guides at the back of the book give insights and rituals into why you chose them, what's going on for you and what you can do to heal, forgive, practice self love or ritual in that very moment.


Women's healer & Red Tent Facilitator

“Absolutely stunning, beautiful! Every woman, everywhere, will feel these words deep in her’s a brilliant piece of writing”

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