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“Rituals work – even for people who say they do not believe in them.

Rituals alleviate grief, reduce anxiety and increase confidence.”


Our symbol is based on the Wiccan symbol for Blessing.

The traditional 3 tears is replaced by feathers, standing for her triple aspects; Maiden, Mother & Crone.

The feathers symbolise the seating positions of our Medicine Woman with her 2 assistants either side of her in circle, where A Woman's Blessing was born.

Each letter representing a woman in circle.

A Woman's Blessing was born from the powerful Amazonian plant medicine Ayahuasca, our symbol drawn by the beautiful Mafis Fischerová who has sat in ceremony with us many times.

Our symbol now represents the growing number of women bringing ancient wisdom into their 21st century lives, restoring themselves and their daughters to ritual, in order to empower themselves and raise the vibration of the feminine!

(Our symbol was drawn by our illustrator Mafis Fischerová)