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“When women support each other with authenticity, when a woman can show you her completely vulnerable side in total trust that you hold her WITH her reputation in tact, she becomes powerful beyond measure - and so do you”.



There's something that women should know.

  • It's OK to feel lost

  • it's OK to feel sad

  • it's OK to feel like you have NO idea where you're going

  • it's OK to feel broken, misunderstood, tired, like you have forgotten the essence of you

  • it's OK to like your life but be just a bit unexcited by it

  • it's OK to love your family but REALLY need some space

  • it's OK to have a privileged life and still not feel happy

A lot is expected of you.  You expect a lot of yourself. And you're probably SO good at supplying others with what they need, that they don't want you to stop and you put pressure on yourself the whole time to continue meeting demands that mean you can't focus on you.

So this is for you.

Sacred space where you can talk, to another woman who's not going to judge you.  Your reputation will be kept intact, you will be seen beyond any confusion, breakdown or mess.  You will be noticed as the beautiful woman you are at your core and then she will be reflected back to you.


You will remember her, the woman you really are.  You will connect with her, find her and feel her emotional balance.

When you find HER, you can:

  • Bring yourself up,

  • Alter aspects of your life,

  • Heal and mend,

  • Remember what brings you joy,

  • Find what brings you peace,

  • Appreciate what is right in front of you

  • Find energy again

  • Find your power again

  • Find your voice again

The truth is, you haven't gone anywhere, you're just in the shadows and if these words speak to you, then 1:1 Sister Strength Coaching with Founder of A Woman's Blessing, Lynette Allen will bring you back to YOU.

Lynette has been a coach for 20 years, but more than that, she has been on a massive personal transformation journey several times in her life, in 2016 - it was the biggest.  


She has questioned everything from her marriage to her sanity. She knows. And she had sisters with her who helped her keep her balance when she was really struggling.  She took deep into plant medicine Ayahuasca to heal, she was guided through the plant medicine Cacao to Bali where she took herself away from her family for 3 weeks to listen to herself.

You can read more about Lynette here.

Your journey is all about you.  These sessions are all about you. We will make sacred time for you, wherever you feel called to explore, we will start there.



Single sessions £150

(via WhatsApp, Messenger or Skype)

3 session package £400

(via WhatsApp, Messenger or Skype)

(Wherever you are in the world,
Lynette can work around time zones for you)