“The first shamans were all women.  They were the drummers, the rattlers, the trance-inducers, the wild ones, the witches, the sourcerers, the kick ass mamas.  They were the women of power.”  SOURCE UNKNOWN

Ritualistas: Women who use ritual, ceremony, sister circles, retreats, alone time and sacred 'me' time to direct, manifest, heal and celebrate.

They are you.  For those Ritualistas, the ones who light candles and make a sacred space in their homes, who collect crystals and place them delicately on their altars - they are you. The ones who smudge with sage, who use stones, feathers, leaves and flowers to articulate what they need to the universe, their god or their divine - they are you.  The ones who make mandalas and invite intention... they once had no idea what they were doing - but they are you.

They were possibly introduced to ceremony and ritual via plant medicine ceremonies or yoga retreats, they found out about Cacao ceremonies, they heard about such things from friends or on a blog, but their interest was peaked.

For they felt something when they heard those stories.  Something moved.

They realised that women who did retreats & rituals came from every walk of life; nurses, nutritionists, teachers, lawyers, business owners... some came with tattoos and some had none, some were mothers and some weren't, some spoke of moon cycles while others had no idea, some with histories of trauma and abuse and some from comfortable loving childhoods.  Some told everyone they did retreats & rituals, some kept them secret.

A Woman's Blessing is restoring women to ritual, growing a community of Ritualistas.

 With lovingly created, easy-to-perform rituals we can deliberately integrate our own magic, power and sacred feminine into our daily routine, with love, intention and authenticity.


Rituals have been used for centuries, across the world in numerous faiths, religions, cultures and tribes to mark and witness life events and transitions.


They initiate beginnings and bring gentle and ceremonial closure to endings. People chant, meditate, breath, smudge, give offerings, light candles, write, dance, ground themselves and eat.


As women, ritual is where we gain our nourishment.  Typically the givers of nourishment, we have largely lost the art of nourishing ourselves through ritual.

The rituals available on this site are influenced by our Founders learnings about ritual from a range of cultures and ethnic backgrounds.

These are all written by her, some of the channelled deep in meditation and brought to you beautifully packaged with hand drawn illustrations from our designer Mafis who has sat in circle with us many times.



​Engaging in simple but deliberate and thoughtful ritual, has been proven to:

  • Bring back a sense of control

  • Deepen our peace of mind

  • Induce deep calm

  • Manifest new circumstances

  • Distance people from hurt

  • Restore the sacredness of life

  • Develop self-empowerment

Women around the world use ritual as a way of seeing more clearly, bringing the sacred to the mundane, forgiving themselves and others, moving on and bringing closure to trauma.  A simple breath, intention and a candle can open the gateway to beauty, love and peace. 

Today, ritual and sacred space in women's circles, red tents, pink tents and sister circles are coming back.


Ritual is being reintroduced as the western world starts to remember the significance of these beautiful ancient teachings.


In many cultures, women have kept their practices of ritual and hold them close. 


Women are the ones to pass down knowledge about Ritual to their daughters and nieces even today, where communities and women's circles are much tighter than our western culture tends to be.

These cultures teach their girls the sacredness of their power, through ritual they celebrate:

  • The arrival of a daughter's first moon cycle

  • The transition into womanhood

  • The growth of a daughter's inner power

  • Her voice

  • and appreciate the sacredness of their bodies, their sexuality and self pleasure

  • and they learn self-love

  • Healing and connection to oneself

We introduce women back to ritual, sacred space and unity and we hope you find comfort, beauty and peace in them.

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