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As more and more women decide to take responsibility for their own lives and healing, their independence and emotional stability, the greater the need has been to return to the ancient art of ritual and intentions for support.


Ritual has been used for centuries to mark important life transitions and events.  Marriage for instance, funerals, christenings, birthday parties or parties to celebrate someones exam results of passing a driving test - they are present and live in our communities in the west.  They are in fact rituals.  We just don't speak of them using that language - a ritual is something we do which is significant and holds meaning. 


Women are now taking that a step further by deliberately choosing an intention, a significant date or event and marking it as a 'rite of passage', to celebrate and honour their journey - just like our tribal brothers and sisters and those many centuries ago did as a matter of course.


These ceremonies delve deep for women.  They are concerned with significant life changes. 


Rites of passage for a young girl for instance would be her 7th Birthday when she transitions from being held in her mothers light to shining in her own light.  At 14, she has another transition and at 21 also - where she finally stands fully in her own light as an independent and capable adult.


There is also a move now to celebrate young girls when they start their menstrual cycle with a ceremony to acknowledge her transition from girl to woman - tribes in some communities make huge community and village ceremonies from times like these.


In our western world, we have no concept of that but if EVERY girl for instance was honoured for the time she reached puberty and was taught by her elders of how her strength comes thrugh at this stage, if she was honoured for growing into a woman, if she had it explained to her how sacred she is and that her teenage years can be a time when she stands in her power physically and emotionally - then how different would young girls feel about themselves?

We are also seeing a move from women who are choosing; divorce ceremonies, self-wedding ceremonies (a sacred commitment to oneself).


Lynette has written many rituals and ceremonies for her guests.


She has guided them with beautiful words, perfect symbolism and respect.


Ask Lynette about creating a ceremony for you. 


You can work with Lynette and make it affordable, meaningful and completely beautiful.


She can write something for you if you live the other side of the world and hold space for you if you are close.


Your first step is a call with Lynette - completely free, just to talk about what you want and then maybe you'll work together to create a magical, beautiful ceremony to acknowledge and honour yourself.


(depending on whether Lynette is writing one for your to perform yourself

or whether she will prepare the entire ceremony for you to attend in person)

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