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Receive the blessing


The very first A Woman's Blessing retreat was an Ayahuasca retreat for 15 women, held in Europe in 2017.  

The name A Woman's Blessing came about because Lynette's daughter Livvie, then 5 years old had formally declared herself

to be an Alicorn (think Unicorn complete with horn AND wings for the uninitiated!). 


Lynette found out that a group of Alicorns/Unicorns was called a Blessing and so there was the name - A Woman's Blessing.


Lynette had always seen her nights sat deep with Mother Ayahuasca as a blessing.  In fact, she always considered those night to be her own personal blessing ceremony and so she organised for each woman at the end of that first retreat to receive their own personal blessing

- to be honoured for their courage, bravery, commitment to themselves - for those women to really be 'seen'.


And so, the ritual of giving A Woman's Blessing has evolved.  Hundreds of women have now received their blessing, and Lynette considers it a core part of her work and gift, to be able to recognise women for the girls they used to be, the women they are now and the women they are yet to become.


Usually this comes at the end of one of her Cacao ceremonies or Retreats.

Each woman receives 3 dots on her forehead symbolising:

the girl she used to be ~ the woman she is now  ~ and the woman she is yet to become

as she is smudged into sacred space pre-ceremony.  

At the end of the ceremony, each women is knelt in front of and blessed with holy water.  Her third eye is printed with medicine - either Cacao or Ayahuasca, depending on the retreat.  And there are several other aspects to the blessing that Lynette holds dear and will soon share with the world.

Each woman is then granted to rites to pass it along to one of her sisters.

Lynette will soon be releasing specific details of how women to perform this ritual without having received it in person to allow for many more thousands of women to receive their blessing from a medicine woman, red tent facilitator, sister circle holder or indeed a mother, nurturer or best friend.  

It is Lynette's wish that every woman sees herself as sacred, perfect and ever-growing - this is how she puts this intent into the world.

We have received so many messages from women who have been touched by this blessing, it has made a real and tangible difference to the lives of many women and it has such a profound effect in circle.  This is from one of the women who have received our blessing recently;




"The potency of Lynette looking me in the eyes and blessing me - the girl I used to be, the woman I am now and the woman I am yet to become, it was a sacred transfer .  The intimacy of another woman ‘seeing’ me - witnessed and honoured in that moment of exchange.


That potency of her deep eye contact, to the woman I am and really seeing me, impacted me.  One of the most difficult things for me to do, is to see myself and it was in that ceremony that I really felt seen and it brought tears to my eyes"