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medicine woman call out...
accepting applications until 21/12/22

Inspiring, juicy, inviting women to come home to themselves, we would like YOU to apply.


We need you...women from all over the world…the strong feminine pillars of the world….to help us author this book, birth it and bring it to life, in the form of an actual book and a post-release Facebook based Ritual Programme.


Due to the incredible Best Selling successes of both ‘The Women who Gathered’ (curated/edited by Lynette Allen) and ‘Jaguar Medicine’ (co-author Azizi Birkeland), Lynette and Azizi are joining forces to birth another book and you are invited to apply to be a co-author, podcast interviewee and to present your rituals in our Ritual & Ceremony programme following the books launch.


We are inviting women who hold ritual and ceremony to write a chapter of our latest collab ‘Queens of Ceremony’ (due for publication Autumn 2023) and to each host a week of ritual in our programme.


This time, it will be a highly visual photographic coffee-table book.  


Think beautiful and inspiring photographs of ritual and ceremony, taken by one of Bali’s top photographers - to accompany your stories of how you got into ritual/ceremony along with your favourite and most nourishing ritual. You don't have to be in Bali, we will set up ritual scenes for photography while you write from where you live, UK, Europe, America, Australia - this will involve women across the globe!


This book will be a tribute to and a legacy of ancient womanhood.  We were indeed the first shamans, shakers, seers and priestesses!  


We see this book as bridging the gap between now and then, revealing in YOUR stories, hidden gems, dissolving the mystery of ritual and blending the sacred self into the 21st century.  

A collection of your stories of how you found or remembered ritual will encourage readers to dig within themselves, to remember their mothers or grandmothers rituals and bring them back to life.


Just holding it and seeing it everyday around their homes, readers will buy this book as a declaration of self-love and ritual ‘recipes’ for a more grounded and connected life.

The medicine women of today know that the origins of humanness itself are in the vortex of ritual, that the rites of passage into this sacred world are close enough to touch - even to those who don’t yet remember.


This beautiful coffee-table book will be an expansion, a peek into other cultures, a reunion of the Self, the mothers and priestesses of ritual - we are the gatekeepers for these sacred words and our daughters and nieces must see us bringing ritual and ceremony back to the world. 


This book will unapologetically unleash women as magic, it will be an honouring of our ancestors and cultures from around the world.


THIS is a calling back of women to ceremony.


APPLICATIONS should be from women who work with ritual and ceremony personally and professionally.


Author programme dates:

2023 - Thursday's 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th March 

Schedule book release:

Aiming for August 2023 (flexibility is always required for exact publication date)

Ritual & Ceremony Course

This will run after the publication on-line launch - circa September 2023.  It will run for 1 week for every author (i.e. 30 authors/30 week programme).  Authors will be 'officially' required for just 1 week - we are very flexible about which author takes which week, we will organise that nearer the time.

FINANCIALS: It costs $1111 USD (approx £900) to be part of the programme, with the opportunity to be compensated $50 (approx £40) for each person you bring into the subsequent Ritual & Ceremony Programme.

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