Download this PDF, your Letting Go Ritual, with spirit guide, Forest Heart by your side, your intention will be to Let Go of something that is holding you back: a situation, an emotion, a person, a distressing time in your life.  Forest Heart will join you in this Ritual to give you support and help.


Letting Go of painful events means that we free ourselves to receive new beauty, love and exciting things into our lives.  While we are caught in a vibration and rhythm of remembering and playing over past hurts, we cannot receive new experiences into our lives.


This Ritual has been very carefully thought through with women who knew they needed to let go in order to move on.  And for every woman who does this Ritual, it energetically gives another woman permission to do the same.  This is your permission.


Perfect if:

  • you keep replaying old hurts

  • you find yourself talking about past events in your life and explaining their traumatic impact on your life

  • you have possessions that remind you of old loves, hurtful situations or difficult times

  • you are now ready to welcome brand new experiences full of lightness and smiles back into your experience

  • you are ready to move on, grow, learn something else, shift energetically

  • you want to close of one event in order to start a brand new event afresh!


This Letting Go ritual is also beautiful to do with your daughters, let them see you let go of old hurts, fears and difficult times, be their mentor and guide - they will one day need to do the same.


Ritual time: Allow 90 minutes

(This Ritual is in 2 parts, use part 1 as many times as you need to). 


About your spirit guide Forest Heart


She embraces feminine softness, vulnerability and authenticity. With it, she is strong, articulate, self aware and in tune with her bodys needs.  A natural nurturer, aware of the feelings and needs of others, she inspires and cheerleads from the sidelines for every human she loves.


You have her with you for this Ritual.  She will aid your letting go, support you in this process and provide courage - you will feel her.

Letting Go Ritual


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