Download this PDF, your Ritual to Heal your Heart, with spirit guide, Quiet River by your side, your intention to heal your heart is yours, you initiate this journey but she joins you in support.


We bring into this Ritual the ancient Japanese art of Kintsugi to heal your heart and make it stronger and more resilient than ever.  This is a truly beautiful Ritual, kind, delicate and deliberate. If you’re looking at this, your healing journey may have already started.


It's time to heal your heart


Perfect if:

  • you're tired of feeling pain

  • you know it’s time to move forwards

  • you want to bring closure to an event or situation

  • you’re ready to attract new love and joy back into your life

  • you want to feel relief and energy again

  • you need to pull yourself out of heartbreak and into the life you deserve!


Ritual time: Approximately  1 hour

(Subsequent times will be shorter)

Use this Ritual as many times as you feel your heart needs it.


About your spirit guide Quiet River

She is reserved, thoughtful and contemplative.  Careful with her actions, she takes time with her decisions, seeks out her own self development and loves depth, meaning and sincerity.  Her smile is infectious, her loyalty and dedication admirable.

Heal your Heart Ritual


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