Download this PDF, your Fresh New Day Ritual to become more focused and positive in your day, to be intentional about the emotion you want to bring to your day, to be more deliberate with your thought, and to learn how to leave yesterday where it belongs, in the past. 


Your spirit guide, Clear Spirit by your side for this Ritual, you will be able to focus, be active in your looking for solutions and recognise opportunities in the moment.


Perfect if:

  • you tend to worry

  • you wake up concerned

  • you're running out of energy and feel pulled down by your problems

  • you feel good about yourself but really want to hone in your focus for the day

  • you want to be more deliberate in your daily intentions or want to bring in a daily intention

  • you've never done a Ritual before in your life...this is a great place to start!


Ritual time: Approximately  2 minutes in the morning and 2 minutes at night.

(You can take longer if it feels right, the Ritual includes tips to make your Ritual longer if you have energy/time).


Use this Ritual multiple times, for as many manifestations as you wish.


About your spirit guide Clear Spirit


She is strong and clear, securing her guidance from the universe, she is sure footed, only acting when she feels moved to and trusts that things will work out. She is mindful, sensitive and sees the playfulness of life, encouraging play in you too.Feel her presence with you today, her support in your intention and her guidance throughout. She is here.








"I felt a lot of emotions, very good emotions though, especially during the day.  The night Ritual was similar. It made me realise how grateful I am for anything that happens, even the bad, so that was quite emotional having that realisation.


I was less consumed by things the day before after starting this Ritual too which was amazing!


I'd definitely definitely definitely would recommend it to someone else"






"This ritual came to me at a period when I was really struggling to keep myself together. To begin with it was not easy to enjoy the beginning of any of my days, but with persistence in the process of this ritual I found that the reluctance softened.


It became easier and I came to a place of soft happiness.

When I began the ritual there was a lot of emotional release. I felt like the process helped me a lot with having closure, something I didn't realise how much I needed until I started doing it.


I feel a lot more at peace, calm, I have more trust in the universe at large and in my own energy cultivation and subsequent release. Physically I look less strung out and I definitely look happier.  I would definitely recommend this to another woman"





"I was introduced to these Rituals by a friend. I had never done this before ever.  I wasn't sure it was even necessary for me, but I followed the Ritual, which I actually took great joy in doing, I really enjoyed lighting the candle and knowing this space was mine. I really enjoyed the focus and settling myself.

This Ritual was to manifest something I had wanted for many years.  I actually did what I thought could be very complicated and hard and it just happened.

I would recommend performing a Ritual to any woman, the power I feel now over my own direction is so very affirming, thank you A Woman's Blessing"





"I found it really easy to fit the ritual into my routine. I loved it. It really gave me a focus throughout the day.

I loved the burning ritual, it was a real letting go moment. I have a habit of trying to hold on to the good times but in letting go I found I was more relaxed and able to accept whatever happened. I now find it comforting to sleep by candle light, this is an important part of the Ritual for me.


This Ritual has made me more aware of my own intentions for myself. I am the one who creates my own happiness.  I would definitely recommend these Rituals"


Fresh New Day Ritual


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