Download this PDF, your Ayahuasca Integration Ritual, with spirit guide, Rising Rock by your side.  


This ritual is to help you integrate the lessons, healing & wisdom from your Ayahuasca journey into your every day life - even if you don't yet understand the meaning of your journey. 


It will help you deal with any residual overwhelm, any negativity you're facing from those around you and is dedicated time to sit in deep contemplation with Mother Ayahuasca once more.


This ritual will help you release that which no longer serves you and will help you breathe into new behaviours, thought patterns and the higher consciousness thinking that you've been aligned with.


Choosing this Ritual is confirmation of your commitment to your integration.


Perfect if:

  • you have had trouble integrating the learning from your Ayahuasca ceremony

  • you're struggling to process your journey

  • you have negative people in your life and limited positive influences regarding your spiritual journey

  • you're finding it hard to kick old destructive habits and bring in new positive repalcements

  • there is a significant gap between your last ceremony and your next one

  • you value your Ayahuasca journey and want to reconnect with Mother Ayahuasca out of ceremony


Ayahuasca is your initiation into your personal healing (and can even have a positive/healing impact on those around you).  She has shown you what you needed to see and feel, even if you don't understand your message yet.


Some ayahuasca ceremonies are deeply confusing and disorienting, others are blindingly obvious, pure and joyous.  Either way, your healing has begun. Your exact understanding of it is not necessary, what IS necessary is your surrender to the process.


This healing unfolds over time at a deep, deep level. You will notice changes for months to come. To integrate, is to magnify that healing with your positive actions, thoughts and intent.


Ritual time: Allow 45-60 minutes

(Do this ritual as often as you need to) 


About your spirit guide Rising Rock


Rising Rock is a fierce mama, like Mother Ayahuasca she offers protection, guidance and wisdom. She uses her experiences in life to build foundations of strength on which she walks, encouraging others to do the same. She is kind, tactile, inexplicably beautiful, protects her boundaries and walks with love.




“Yes! This Ritual is about carving out time and space to sit with existence. To sit with ourselves.  A beautiful ritual to bring the ceremony back into everyday life, to stay close to the magic”

Cathy Hoar, Ayahuasca Spirit Helper/Space Holder

Ayahuasca Integration Ritual


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