When Lynette was looking for a photographer for her Cacao retreat in Bali, she was inundated with photographers and film makers but one stood out.

Belinda Grant (otherwise known as Binnie) sent Lynette an email telling her a little about herself and her journey - she hadn't had anything to do with plant medicine, women's circles or retreats of this nature but she was curious, more than curious, very interested to know if SHE could work with Cacao, ritual, meditation and what sisterhood would hold for her.

So as well as taking almost EVERY picture of this website and expertly designing both films for us, Binnie joined us in ceremony, with cacao and by the end of the week, she was committed to this work also.

Binnie has an amazing way of connecting with her clients, really understanding what they need - she is completely delicious inside and out - thank you Binnie for every single shot, for your warmth, sense of humour, love and dedication to conveying this beautiful message.

Click below to contact her on her website.

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