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Mafis Fischerová


Drawing since childood - a skill taught by her grandfather; Mafis' passion got her into Art School.  A Tattoo Mandala project served as the inspiration for her final year.


Tattooing became her specialism, initially mainstream; but when her journey began with the sacred medicine Ayahuasca, her creativity exploded and opened a new connection to her ‘self’.  

As a result, she has now developed a completely different unique style of drawing, letting her creativity take over without her thoughts and attention critiquing her work.

Mafis continues to create incredibly detailed and beautiful tattoos which now adorn many of the women who have taken part in A Woman’s Blessing Retreats.

In every picture she now draws a part of her.  Her illustrations are all about strong women, the feminine, the goddess, wild woman, sisters, friends, mothers, daughters, creators.  

When the idea for this project came into Lynette's consciousness, the first person she called was Mafis, inviting her to create exclusively for A Woman's Blessing to accompany this tribe of Ritualistas on their journey.  

Immediately she agreed and each Ritual now has it's own Spirit Guide for divine support and healing.  She lovingly created our logo and hand drawn images for our website.