Find your Self...



For a woman to really find herself, she has to be heard, she has to speak, to someone who will hear her from the bottom of their hearts.


She needs to know that she cannot do anything wrong, that her thoughts, feelings and truth is understood and valid.  

To really articulate her pain, her healing, the situation she finds herself in to someone to give her space to find her own answer, to give her room to breathe, to allow her to form her words - is treasure for the soul.


This is for women who are ready to find out WHO they really are and what they can do.

Find your medicine



Discover YOUR medicine, articulate it, hone it, breathe into it, understand it and then bring it to the world

Breathe life into your natural healing ability, unleash your creativity, your voice, your gift for communication, your drumming, your writing.


The world needs your beauty and the women on this planet are understanding now that THEY are the medicine - this is the time for you to step forward

From Maiden to Crone, age is no barrier

Many women don't even FIND our wisdom until we are mature enough to know how to use it

...then pass it on to your sisters


It is very important that each woman knows her value.

We do this by honouring her and giving her a blessing - A Woman's Blessing.


Usually this comes at the end of one of our Cacao ceremonies or Retreats.

She receives 3 dots on her forehead symbolising:

the girl she used to be ~ the woman she is now  ~ and the woman she is yet to become

She is blessed with holy water and her third eye is printed with medicine - either Cacao or Ayahuasca, depending on the retreat.

She is then granted to rites to pass it along to one of her sisters.

Receive your blessing...

Create your own ceremony




Lynette has written many rituals, blessings and ceremonies for her clients:

women who want to honour a life transition - ceremonies include;

a self-marriage

a healing ceremony

a ceremony to move on from something or someone

a 2nd chance life celebration

a divorce & letting go ceremony

a manifestation ceremony

plus many more...just ask...

Host a Cacao ceremony



Bring Sacred Cacao to your venue or retreat

This beautiful 2 hour ceremony can be tailored to your event (at no extra cost)

And you can leave your guests in Lynette's hands for this beautiful meditative 2 hour deep Cacao ceremony

Bringing her into your group or venue will add a different flavour to your retreat and expand your offering

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