First find your Self...


It's not uncommon to find ourselves on auto-pilot as a woman.  We are needed.  We might have a job or career, we might be a family carer, we might have both those things.  We might be a wife, a mother, the best friend to someone who needs attention,

support or care.  

We've been taught over our lifetime to look after others, to put others first - it's a nice thing to do

- but sometimes, that comes at a cost.

By the time we realise it has come at a cost, we ar already exhausted, tearful and lost. 


Women need to hear themselves think, they need space, quiet time, they often need time on their own or dedicated time to talk to someone in confidence.  And we have friends who can do that - but those conversations often come with conditions: we often feel we have to ask the other person about them in the same conversation and not take up too much 'room' verbally.  We feel like we should give back equal time and attention and  of course, many of our friends know our family members or personal circumstances making confidentiality tricky.

So this is where Coaching ceremonies come in.  These are dedicated talking hours - they are confidential, they are ALL YOURS!

This is HUGE! The relief, the healing, the solutions that come and the clarity that comes from sessions like these is enormous. 


For most of us, until we find ourselves, until we remember who we are and what is important to us, we will never be able to give fully from a place of abundance to our families, the community, the wider world in a positive and meaningful manner.

To hear ourselves, to FIND ourselves is imperative.

Lynette offers these sessions - she has 20 years experience, she she is a Medicine Woman, a teacher, an author of 5 books for the feminine rising and is skilfully attuned to they ways in which women can hear themselves both in and out of the coaching sessions.  

For those clients who are familiar with drinking Ceremonial Cacao - Lynette can open the coaching session with Cacao an even if her and her client are other sides of the world, they can drink in ceremony together and use the spirit of Cacao for creativity and energy to flow as they speak - these makes for beautiful 'Coaching Ceremonies'

You can choose not to drink Cacao also - the power of the intention of these ceremonies is significant.

Each package is 3 private one to one coaching sessions.  They will take place either on a face time call on WhatsApp or Messenger or if video is difficult due to internet, then a voice call on these mediums.  It means her sessions are accessible and available no matter where you live.

First step?

Your first step is to organise to talk to her (no charge) - just a chat to work out how these sessions could help you and work out a plan together. 


Just 3 calls: 3 hours of organising your thoughts, gaining clarity, deepening your understanding and connecting with yourself, can make a MASSIVE difference to your quality of life.


Your concentration, your overall happiness, your relaxed state, the way you interact with your children or significant other, your relationship with parents or work colleagues/clients... every thing can and will change for the better.


The skills you'll learn in these 3 sessions will carry you forwards without Lynette. 


Find yourself, THEN find your medicine and bring your full self to the world



"You hold space with such grace and beauty Lynette, truly standing in your power to offer your gifts. I love the energy you bring, you are beautiful on the inside and out. So much wisdom flowing through you. What a beautiful gift you have to offer to this world".


"I want to thank you for sharing the gifts of your channeling with me during the two sessions we shared.  The words you brought forth were strong, clear and articulate.  Both sessions resonated strongly with what is stirring within me and brought clarification.  THANK YOU for sharing your innate gifts, and being the gifted channel that you are!".


"I feel blessed, honoured, nourished and empowered! Lynette is such powerful woman medicine".


"You are an awesome medicine woman Lynette. Beautiful and soft and powerful, I’ll remember you always, thank you".


"Your ceremony was very touching, powerful, soft and energising. You are full of love Lynette".


"I feel my wild woman after your ceremony! Gratitude, joy and bliss, you are a beautiful goddess Lynette".


"My highlight was the blessing at the end. You have such a gift Lynette. I feel the trust you have in life & the wisdom of your experience, which is super precious for me".


"Tribal. Shamanic. Loving. Gratitude. Inspirational. Empowering. Blessed! Beautiful journey, creative and empowering I loved the close circle, made me teary.  Thank you for honouring my past and my ancestors".


"I felt blessed, grounded and present after the ceremony. A beautiful journey. Your other rituals must be so beautiful".


"I felt good, I loved it! I felt very beautiful and powerful".


"You are pure magic Lynette. I absolutely loved being in your space and witnessing this amazonian magic unfold. You are a gem".


"I feel blessed and grateful. Such a gorgeous dancing ceremony! Many affirmations and sacred silence to appreciate and remember mixed with tribal sisterhood, dance and such lovely music. Such beautiful sacred language and positive vibrations,

Lynette has a very strong and loving presence".


"I loved the sacredness and the blessing, I felt blessed and a sense of belonging, I could feel her energy gentle and caring, holding space beautifully".


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