Birthing the Medicine Woman

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Our world is shifting - we are coming into a different era - for so many centuries the woman, the feminine has been controlled by the masculine.  Many centuries ago, women were burned at the stake for knowing which herbs to use, for understanding the power of their words and casting 'spells' (which incidentally is where the word spelling comes from). 


Women who used ritual and made intentions, women who understood how to work with the moons cycles understood balance.  They understood nature and seasons, they understood those natural rhythms and how they reflected in our own physical and emotional balance.


The patriarchy and religion back then worked hard to wipe out this instinctive knowing - they burned or drowned witches,

the wordsmiths, the women with a voice, the wise seers and female shamans. 


We are now seeing a come back of the women who are feeling the call to remember. 

And it's happening on a global level. 

You are not alone.


What is a Medicine Woman?


Traditionally, a Medicine Woman was a female healer - the term originates from the North American Indians and Aboriginal people.  She would have been the person the community came to for physical and emotional well-being, to be healed, for advice and medicine.  She would have also been believed to have magical or supernatural powers. She would certainly have a gift, she would be using sacred tools, techniques, prayers and words that had been passed down to her generation by generation.  She was seen as connected to the divine, she would interpret images, dreams and visions - she would ‘see’ everything.


In return, she would have everything she needed to sustain herself from the village

- she would be housed and fed by the community.


However, many of us have never experienced the kind of communities and tribes who have those traditional Medicine Women, we've lived in cities and towns and villages where doctors, pharmacies, counsellors, hospitals are where we've been directed when we are sick or need help.


However, many of us are also feeling in our hearts that call to bring medicine back from our roots, to reconnect with natural medicines, with our own ancestral medicine and whilst many of us are so far removed from our ancestral roots that we may not even know what they are - we still hear the call SO strongly that we are resonating with deep intuitive vibes that mean we are being drawn to all kinds of things: drumming, sister circles, ritual, setting intention, healing with prayer & positive thoughts...the list is endless.


Women are birthing and midwifing their OWN medicine into the world.

Remember their ancestral wisdom: to reconnect with the earth, to ritual, to intention, to plant medicine, to knowing which herbs heal which ailment, to use the power of energy to heal and balance.  They are remembering the call of the drum, the power of women's circles and they are calling their power back.

Many believe that women and the energy of the feminine (in men and women) will lift the world out of poverty and imbalance.  Whatever your world view, there is no question - a more feminine approach to everything is being called in

and it starts with you.


Women's circles are alive and thriving once more, women are returning to their natural balance, finding the sacredness once again in their moon time - celebrating their womanhood, their crone, their menopausal stage - celebrating the cycles of the feminine.


The significance of the tribal drum, our voices, our song, our medicine and Pachamama. 

Women are craving their OWN medicine and they need support in birthing it authentically, truthfully and confidently.


Lynette is one of thousands of women who has found her medicine: her words, her voice, her drumming, her ability and talent for holding space & her intuition is the medicine she brings to the world. 

But SHE too questioned her strength - who was SHE to be able to hold space? 

Who was SHE to pick up a drum and call in the women?

What did SHE have to offer the world?

With mentors, Shamans, Medicine Women and her own guides, she found her place.

And now SHE is the Medicine Woman supporting other women to birth THEIR space.

So as you question yourself, rest assured, your medicine is within you, just waiting to be unearthed.


Your medicine could be drumming, reviving the heart beat of our ancestral tribal communities, it could words, your voice, bringing women together in circle.  It could be teaching ecstatic dance or leading kirtan, it could be building community, becoming a teacher, bringing tarot to the world, encouraging meditation, yoga, massage or energy work, crystal healing, reiki, coaching, leading sister circles.


Your medicine is unique to you.  Lynette will be your guide in helping you identify that medicine through 3 coaching ceremonies.

If you're not sure what your medicine is OR you know what it is but need help to apply it into your life this is for you.


Maybe you're being called but shyness, lack of confidence or clarity or event the practical 'how-to'

is preventing you from being seen

- these sessions will give you all the support you need to find, hone and birth your gifts to the world.

This is your invitation to dive deep into this sacred medicine space.

To find yourself here, means you are yearning to discover the Medicine Woman within you

~ an ancient female archetype; the wise woman, the nurturer, the healer, space holder & priestess

- she is within you and she is calling you

Your first step is to talk to Lynette - no charge - just a chat to work out where you are and gain insight into how a partnership with her could help develop your medicine and bring it to the world confidently and capably.



"You hold space with such grace and beauty Lynette, truly standing in your power to offer your gifts. I love the energy you bring, you are beautiful on the inside and out. So much wisdom flowing through you. What a beautiful gift you have to offer to this world".


"I want to thank you for sharing the gifts of your channeling with me during the two sessions we shared.  The words you brought forth were strong, clear and articulate.  Both sessions resonated strongly with what is stirring within me and brought clarification.  THANK YOU for sharing your innate gifts, and being the gifted channel that you are!".


"I feel blessed, honoured, nourished and empowered! Lynette is such powerful woman medicine".


"You are an awesome medicine woman Lynette. Beautiful and soft and powerful, I’ll remember you always, thank you".


"Your ceremony was very touching, powerful, soft and energising. You are full of love Lynette".


"I feel my wild woman after your ceremony! Gratitude, joy and bliss, you are a beautiful goddess Lynette".


"My highlight was the blessing at the end. You have such a gift Lynette. I feel the trust you have in life & the wisdom of your experience, which is super precious for me".


"Tribal. Shamanic. Loving. Gratitude. Inspirational. Empowering. Blessed! Beautiful journey, creative and empowering I loved the close circle, made me teary.  Thank you for honouring my past and my ancestors".


"I felt blessed, grounded and present after the ceremony. A beautiful journey. Your other rituals must be so beautiful".


"I felt good, I loved it! I felt very beautiful and powerful".


"You are pure magic Lynette. I absolutely loved being in your space and witnessing this amazonian magic unfold. You are a gem".


"I feel blessed and grateful. Such a gorgeous dancing ceremony! Many affirmations and sacred silence to appreciate and remember mixed with tribal sisterhood, dance and such lovely music. Such beautiful sacred language and positive vibrations,

Lynette has a very strong and loving presence".


"I loved the sacredness and the blessing, I felt blessed and a sense of belonging, I could feel her energy gentle and caring, holding space beautifully".


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