Cacao is an ancient plant medicine and has appeared in many cultures all around the world for many centuries now.


It was first grown in South America and used by the Aztecs and Mayans thousands of years ago, they would sit together in circle drinking Cacao to commune with their gods.   Believed to have been found deep in the mountains by their gods, Mayan mythology says that Hunahpú gave Cacao to them after humans were made from maize by the grandmother goddess Ixmucané.


Back then, Cacao was given sacred status and was used as a trade currency, given to warriors when they returned home, was served in religious ceremonies and appeared on the tables of the royal courts of the day.

It was the Spanish who took it out of those native cultures as they invaded and colonised.  They realised the value of Cacao and brought it back to Europe, sweetening it with sugar and spices.  They kept it a secret for the next 100 years! 

Word did eventually spread though and slowly it was made into solid chocolate.  Today much of it’s ceremonial understanding has been lost, as millions of us consume vast qualities of cacao, heavily mixed with vegetable fats, processed sugar, milk and just about everything else you can mention.

In actual fact, Cacao is a super food and is now being reintroduced in its purest form, its sacredness being realised once more as the western world is slowly becoming more conscious in how they think, live and want to feel.


Using intention, quiet time and meditation to work on yourself to find and maintain peace in a chaotic world is how and why you might drink Cacao and hold space for yourself.  Cacao has incredible healing properties and is very nutritious, don't get it confused with coco powder of hot chocolate - ceremonial cacao is raw chocolate without all the vegetables oils and sugar we see put into processed chocolate.  It is the purest form of Cacao and you'll need to source it ethically.  You won't find ceremonial cacao in powder form as ceremonial cacao has all the original healthy wonderful fats still in it and so it will come as a solid - usually a block and you will shave off what you need with a sharp knife to prepare it.


Cacao has great natural health benefits, with a tangible emotional grounding and heart opening energy to it.


  • It is a natural anti-depressant

  • It is a plant medicine, healing and reassuring 

  • It opens our heart energy and gives us a feeling of love

  • Enhances meditation

  • Increases concentration and focus

  • Focuses mental clarity

  • Induces a deep feeling of peace and 'all is well' making it a wonderful partner for manifestation

  • It contains excellent levels of magnesium, copper, zinc, iron, calcium, manganese, sulphur and phosphorous, which our diet is generally deficient in

  • Our bodies need all of these wonderful minerals for our emotional and physical well-being and balance



Find your Cacao ritual

Drinking Cacao at home, using it to centre and balance yourself in the mornings before your day starts is a beautiful nurturing ritual.


It is a way of integrating everything that is thrown at us in life. 


We have so many demands on our time, energy and emotional state; drinking Cacao is not only physically healthy but spiritually and emotionally grounding too meaning:


  • You link to your intuition much more clearly, so we make good, clear decisions

  • When we sit quietly with Cacao, we are able to really hear ourselves think - and that's a luxury we don't always afford ourselves

  • We handle stress far more effectively and are able to really 'know' what we need


We teach women how to use Cacao at home, bridging the gap between the ancient Meso-american cultures and our lifestyle today. We always honour the spirit of cacao and the work of those who have honoured its spirit for many thousands of years.

It is completely safe to drink on your own, enabling women to do their sacred inner work in the peace and sanctuary of their own space. The meditative effects last approximately 45 minutes and the heart opening feeling of love, joy and well-being can last all day!

The ceremonial cacao we use for our ceremonies and retreats comes from a family owned farm and co-operative in the mountains of Bali where Cacao grows on the side of a mountain overlooking the ocean.  Lynette has formed a relationship with this beautiful family and has visited the Cacao plant and factory to see how it is harvested, grown and prayed over.



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