Lynette's favourite Ceremonial Cacao Recipe



Ceremonial Cacao

Sea Salt

Chilli Powder

Ceylon Cinnamon (aka True cinnamon)

Lynette prefers her ceremonial cacao without sugar but if you'd like to sweeten yours a little simply add a good quality natural sugar like Coconut Sugar, Agave or Raw honey.





Chop 2 oz (56 grams) Ceremonial Cacao

Add a pinch of good quality sea salt

Add a pinch of chilli powder

and add a good teaspoon of Ceylon (true) Cinnamon

Then mix with 7 fluid oz almost-to-the-boil water (never boiling) and whisk with a balloon whisk or blender for a beautiful creamy elixir


This is one of the most important aspects to this process.

Ensure your Cacao is kept away from meat in the fridge 

Ensure your cooking area is clean before you start your preparation

If you smudge, you can use Sage or Palo Santo (holy wood) to smudge your area.  This cleans it energetically and rid the area of negativity before you start

It is VERY important before you even start making your cacao that you do something to ensure you are as calm as possible and your thoughts are as positive as you can make them.  Sometimes we drink Cacao in order to be ABLE to do that, to bring our emotional balance back - but anything you can do to be as positive in those preparation moments will mean that the energy going into your Cacao will be as clear as possible.

Whisper your prayers, your blessings, your intentions and wishes into this elixir as you whisk, sing to your Cacao, bless it, send it love from your heart and allow the spirit of Cacao to work with you on your journey


Make yourself comfortable somewhere you won't be disturbed

Ensure that you can sit up for the first few minutes while you drink your Cacao and then lay down for the rest of the ceremony.

For best results, please do not drink Caffeine or eat food for 4 hours before the ceremony - Caffeine and Cacao are different plant energies and they don't mix well - you could end up feeling a little edgy rather than heart-openly relaxed

You might like to have a blanket to hand to wrap yourself in as you settle yourself down for the main part of the ceremony

And if earphones are comfortable, then this will deepen your experience

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