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"Ritual brings sisterhoods together to recalibrate, incubate ideas and reconnect.  

It’s time to celebrate the wildness of the feminine and honour our sacred stages of life & rites of passage."

Lynette Allen, Creator, A Woman's Blessing



Ritualistas: Women who use ritual, ceremony, sister circles, retreats, alone time and sacred 'me' time to direct, manifest, heal and celebrate.

They are you.  For those Ritualistas, the ones who light candles and make a sacred space in their homes, who collect crystals and place them delicately on their altars - they are you. The ones who smudge with sage, who use stones, feathers, leaves and flowers to articulate what they need to the universe, their god or their divine - they are you.  The ones who make mandalas and invite intention... they once had no idea what they were doing - but they are you.

They were possibly introduced to ceremony and ritual via plant medicine ceremonies or yoga retreats, they found out about Cacao ceremonies, they heard about such things from friends or on a blog, but their interest was peaked.

For they felt something when they heard those stories.  Something moved.

They realised that women who did retreats & rituals came from every walk of life; nurses, nutritionists, teachers, lawyers, business owners... some came with tattoos and some had none, some were mothers and some weren't, some spoke of moon cycles while others had no idea, some with histories of trauma and abuse and some from comfortable loving childhoods.  Some told everyone they did retreats & rituals, some kept them secret.


And they realised; we are all the same, we all carry self doubt, guilt, fear, insecurities, we all compare ourselves to each other and they came to realise it was time to take time for themselves.


A Ritualista clears space for herself. A Ritualista quietens her mind. A Ritualista makes an intention. A Ritualista offers careful gesture. A Ritualista creates time for herself. And she feels calm and centred and whole.

Whether you're new to this or have being in women's circles, celebrating ritual for years, we'd love you to join us - on Instagram, Facebook or in person at our retreats.