“Cacao is a beautiful, heart warming, gentle but very powerful plant medicine.  When we take our problems and intentions to her and ask for clear guidance, support, advice and direction - she gives us exactly what we need."


1:1 cacao ceremony


If you've never been held in ceremony with Cacao before, it is our pleasure to introduce you to the spirit of Cacao.

If you've been to many Cacao ceremonies you will understand her power and healing properties and you will understand what a special ceremony this is.

Sacred space will be held just for you, these sessions usually take place in the evening.  

You are invited to dress up for the ceremony, to wear something that makes you feel beautiful, this is your own personal blessing ceremony with cacao and should be treated as a space in which you can honour yourself as the divine being you are.

The session involves, being smudged into sacred space by candle light, where you will be invited to bring an intention to the ceremony.  You will get the opportunity to share it with Lynette, so she can help focus the energy and attention to the areas of your life that need it most of the questions you have.

You are also invited to bring something special to you to add to our altar, something you can connect with pre-ceremony and that you can hold post ceremony to take you right back into this very sacred space.

This very special ceremony will involve meditation by candlelight allowing the spirit of Cacao to work through you.  During the deepest part of your meditation there will be music, drumming, shamanic singing as well as cleansing with Palo Santo, Sage and sound healing.

At the end of the ceremony, you will receive a personal blessing and a channelling from Lynette.

Before you leave, you will be able to ask Lynette any questions or guidance, she will talk through anything that came up with you during the session and by the time you leave, you will feel fully grounded and ready to go back out into the world.

After theses ceremonies, a full and deep nights sleep follows and many messages are continually sent to you via your dreams, ideas and manifestations.

Results continue to occur over the next few weeks, expect solutions, clarity, answers and peace of mind.


You are invited to;

  • Bring an intention to your ceremony

  • Allow your intuition to come through

  • Relax into deep meditation

  • Soak up the feeling of love, guidance and support

  • Be open to receiving messages, ideas, solutions

  • Feel empowered

  • Come away with energy

  • Receive channelled energy and words from Lynette

  • Heal and mend

You can read more about Lynette and her journey with holding space for women, Cacao and Ayahuasca by clicking here.  

Your journey is all about you.  These beautiful sacred ceremonies are all about you. We will make sacred time for you, wherever you feel called to explore, we will start there.



Single sessions £150

Please allow up to 2 hours

(These ceremonies are done in person.  Please contact Lynette to find out where she is)

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