Welcome home...

You are invited to dive deep into this Sacred Space 

To find yourself here, means you are finding your Self

To find yourself here, means you are yearning to discover the Medicine Woman within

~ an ancient female archetype; the wise woman, the nurturer, the healer, space holder & priestess

- she is within you and she is calling you

You will find her in these sacred words on lonely night

You will find her deep in our Cacao Ceremonies

You will find her unravelling in our Coaching Ceremonies

And you will find her in our Sister Circles

For she is you and she is ready to wake up

First find your Self...



For a woman to really find herself, she has to be heard, she has to speak, to someone who will hear her from the bottom of their heart.


She needs to know that her thoughts, feelings and truth is understood and valid.  

She needs room to breathe, to allow her to form her words - that is treasure for the soul.


This is for women who are ready to find out WHO they really are and what they can do.

...then find your medicine



To discover YOUR medicine, be able to articulate it, hone it, breathe into it, understand it and then bring it to the world

Breathe life into your natural healing ability, unleash your creativity, your voice, your gift for communication, your drumming, your writing


The world needs your beauty and the women on this planet are standing up

Understanding that THEY are the medicine - this is the time for you to step forward

From Maiden to Crone, age is no barrier

Many women don't even FIND our wisdom until we are mature enough to know how to use it



27 March - 1 April


This Sacred Cacaoista training means you'll be learning how to use this beautiful heart opening and ancient plant medicine to heal your Self.


Return to your natural state of abundance, relaxation, knowing and self trust.

Develop your ritual - open and close your sacred space to work with Cacao confidently and appropriate at home to reduce stress, boost your diet with this superfood, feed your soul & speak your truth.


"I felt a lot of emotions, very good emotions though, especially during the day.  The night Ritual was similar. It made me realise how grateful I am for anything that happens, even the bad, so that was quite emotional having that realisation.


I was less consumed by things the day before after starting this Ritual too, which was amazing!


I'd definitely definitely definitely would recommend it to someone else".

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A Woman's Blessing was born from our plant medicine ceremonies. 

Women in sacred circle travelling deep through the night to find themselves, heal & release their beauty. 


Our symbol is the Wicca sign meaning 'Blessing', the feathers replace the symbols original tears and they represent: the girls we used to be, the women we are now & the women we are yet to become.

They also represent the Medicine Woman & her two assistants either side of her in those early medicine circles, as we journeyed together. Each letter represents a woman in circle. ​

It is because of those brave women that we are now here.


Our symbol now represents the growing number of women bringing ancient wisdom into their 21st century lives,

restoring themselves and their daughters to medicine, ritual & words that nourish

in order to empower themselves and raise the vibration of the feminine.

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