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Restoring women to themselves

To find yourself here, means you are finding your 'Self'.

To find your 'Self' means to uncover your strength, resilience, personal power and emotional stability.


The woman you are yet to become is calling you.

Learn how to invite all of your gifts to be seen by you and others through Cacao, Ritual, Meditation and Words.

It's so vital in these times, that women are connected to who they really are, to trust themselves and know themselves intimately.

It's time to make our own inner emotional balance and resilience a priority.

​This is the place to come to learn how to use the nurturing plant medicine cacao, to deepen your relationship with yourself.  An invitation for the woman you are yet to become to show herself.  An opportunity to bring in a morning or evening ritual of quiet and stillness.


It's also the place to learn how to hold space for others, how to hold ceremonies and sister circles in-person and on-line - in order to reach the millions of women around the world who need to be reminded of their balance and their own inner stillness, intuitive gifts and internal resilience.


It's the place to come to make sacred time for yourself, to place yourself as a priority .

Every woman deserves this.  Lynette found her centre and her balance through ritual, meditation, writing the words that healed her heart and sacred plant medicine.

​THIS is the work of the's your time x

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