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If you're new to the concept of performing a personal Ritual, but would like to be more deliberate and intentional with your thoughts, start here. 


Begin with our 'Fresh New Day' ritual. Easy-to-perform - just 2 minutes in the morning and 2 minutes at night. Bringing back some control and direction to your day immediately.


For those Ritualista's who have felt the power of incorporating Ritual into their self-development practice. Delve deeper into your experience.

Choose from our ever-growing choice of Rituals, find the perfect one for where you are right now.

Perform these simple Rituals and invite each unique Spirit Guide to accompany you with your intention.

CIRCLE holders

For Ritualistas, Circle Holders and Ceremony Space Holders running their own Women's Circles around the globe, including:

Red Tent meetings, Women's groups/retreats, Plant Medicine retreats & Talking circles.

Your self care and support is paramount in order to continue this sacred work.


"I felt a lot of emotions, very good emotions though, especially during the day.  The night Ritual was similar. It made me realise how grateful I am for anything that happens, even the bad, so that was quite emotional having that realisation.


I was less consumed by things the day before after starting this Ritual too, which was amazing!


I'd definitely definitely definitely would recommend it to someone else".

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A Woman's Blessing was born from A Woman's Blessing Ayahuasca Ceremonies.  Our symbol is the Wican sign meaning 'Blessing', the feathers (replacing the Wiccan symbols original tears) represent a womans triple aspects: Maiden, Mother & Crone.  

They also represent the Shaman and her two assistants in those early ceremonies, each letter a brave woman in circle. ​

It is because of those brave women that we are now here.


Our symbol now represents the growing number of women bringing ancient wisdom into their 21st century lives,

restoring themselves and their daughters to ritual

in order to empower themselves and raise the vibration of the feminine!